Georgia Sports Communications

Nov. 29, 2022


ATHENS, Ga. — University of Georgia defensive lineman Zion Logue and defensive back Javon Bullard met with the media Tuesday evening after practice and provided the following comments regarding the team’s upcoming Southeastern Conference Championship game against the LSU Tigers.


#96 Zion Logue | DL | Jr. 


On the challenge of the LSU offensive line…

“The are very veteran in the middle three. We know that that’s what they try to use them a lot in their run game, try to get behind their big guards and their center, just trying to maul people get them out of displacement, out of gaps. We know we got to be technique sound and gap sound this week.”


On playing in Atlanta…

“We always treat Atlanta like its our backyard, like we’re down the road in Sanford. We do treat it like a homefield advantage. Going off of playing Oregon earlier this year and how many other countless times we’ve played there in the past, just try to use that to our advantage.”


On evaluating his performance throughout the season….

“I just try to do that week by week. During Sundays and Mondays, I try to go through and see what I did, see what I did wrong, see what I did good, and just take it week by week. Not really looking behind but just looking forward and just keep trying to improve my play week by week as much as I can.”

#22 Javon Bullard | DB | So.


On what he believes allows him to pressure the quarterback so well as a defensive back… 

“I really think the design within our gameplan, the coaches put in a great gameplan for me to come off the edge, and it allows me to make plays. I feel like it’s more so part of the gameplan than it is me coming out and making plays myself.”

On the progress he’s felt he’s made this season… 

“I feel like I’ve progressed pretty well over the two years that I’ve been here. It’s all that preparation from last year that’s helping me this year, especially since I’ve taken on a bigger role. Coming into this season after last year I knew I’d have a bigger role in this defense, and we all just have different roles that we have to embrace. Everybody’s just buying in, myself included.”

On the team’s comfort level with playing in Mercedes-Benz Stadium… 

“We take a lot of pride in playing there. This is the University of Georgia, so we feel that this is our state. We played there earlier this year and last season, so it means a lot to us, and we want to make sure we can go out there and be victorious in this game.”