ATHENS, GA –The Georgia Bulldogs continued preparations for their upcoming College Football Playoff Semifinal at The Rose Bowl Game against Oklahoma by conducting a 90-minute workout in the Indoor Athletic Facility on Tuesday.

The following players were available for interviews after Tuesday’s practice.

Wide receiver Terry Godwin:

(On the offensive line allowing Jake Fromm more time to throw the ball): ‘’As a wide receiver it gives us more time to run our routes and be more crisp with them. It gives us more time to get open if we have a little trouble.’’

(On personally not scoring last year but having six touchdowns this season): ‘’As a receiver, you love to score. It brings a smile to my face every time I score but it also humbles me because I know I’m making a play for my team and putting them in the best position to win the game.’’

(On growing as a position group from last year to this year): ‘’As a unit, everyone has grown this season and bought into what Coach [Kirby] Smart and Coach [James] Coley want. It’s been a much more mature group.’’

(On James Coley staying in Athens to coach the rest of the season): ‘’Coming in, I’ve had a couple coaching changes and being able to buy into what he has brought into the receiving group, shows what he has put into us. To see him stay, that means a lot and it shows he trusts us. He has the opportunity to better his future and this is very special he chose to stay.’’

‘’He gave us a lot of knowledge. We read coverage better and run more routes. When he was an [offensive coordinator] at Miami, he was basically back there with the quarterback so he knows what they’re thinking and that they’re looking at.’’

(On Jake Fromm’s composure and maturity as a freshman): ‘’[Jake] has been the same guy since he got here. He has taken over the quarterback role well. He tells us what he wants to see and has been very communicative.’’

‘’From his first day on campus, I knew his mindset was not that of a freshman. Most freshmen come in and sit in the back of meeting rooms. Not Jake, he is always in front asking questions.’’

(On key players coming back in 2017 and merging Mark Richt and Kirby Smart recruits): ‘’For everyone to stay with the coaching change going on, it felt special because we knew coming in to the season we were going to have something special. With Coach Smart bringing grudge and physicality, it went with our swagger and we knew it was going to be special.’’

Wide receiver Javon Wims:

(On Oklahoma’s secondary): ‘’They’re very fast guys.  They’re playmakers.  They’re ball hawks, all of ‘em.  They all play the ball real well.’’  (On his size matchup with OU secondary): ‘’I just think that I’m probably going to be bigger than the majority of cornerbacks that I play against, especially when we’re playing out of conference.  So I try to use that as an advantage and hopefully it will be in the game.’’

(On the amount of preparation time so far devoted to Oklahoma): ‘’No, we’ve just been focusing on getting better, just getting better for ourselves.  We believe that we can get better every day, so we can go out and have a good performance in the game.’’

(On general thoughts on going to California and playing in the Rose Bowl):  ‘’It’ll be my first time to California, so it’s gonna be nice, but once again it’s another game, another business trip.  It’s gonna be a great atmosphere, and it’s a huge honor to be playing in the Rose Bowl.  We’re gonna enjoy it.  We’ll enjoy the moment, but we will focus on, like our coach says, ‘be where your feet are.’  And right now, our feet are not in California, so when we get there, then we’ll focus on that.  But we’re gonna enjoy it.’’

(Any comparisons to Oklahoma from the film prep work you’ve done so far?)  ‘’Not really.  They’re a very fast defense.  We don’t compare them to anybody.  They’re a unique team and they are their own people.  They fly to the ball fast, and their secondary plays the ball in the air fast.  It’s gonna be a good game.’’

(Is it fair to continue to call Jake Fromm a freshman?)  ‘’He’s definitely not a freshman anymore.  He wasn’t a freshman after Notre Dame.  No moment is too big for him.  I think he’s shown that time and time again.  The stage is never too big, the lights never too bright.  He just goes out, handles his business and manages the game really well for us.’’

Center Lamont Gaillard:

(On progress the offensive line has made since last year): ‘’It just tells us we have a great o-line and ready to work better. We just wanted to come and play for these next two games.’’

(On how this line has developed more recently): ‘’Everybody come to work. Whoever wants to take the position, we want the best guy out there. Whoever is the best guy is going to play. That’s all that matters.’’

(On how roster changes may affect the dynamic of the position group): ‘’It doesn’t change much. We want wh ever is going to come to work. We practice together and we’re going to perform together.’’

(On adjusting to coaching changes): ‘’Like you said just being comfortable with your scheme, with your coaches. Both Coach Pittman and Coach Smart have done a great job with getting our mind right and making sure that we are a physical o-line.’’

(On his opinion of Coach Pittman’s results): ‘’He’s just himself. We have someone who cares for the o-line personally and how we perform. He’s good for recruiting as well because he is just himself.’’

(On what Coach Pittman does to show he personally cares for players): ‘’He is a chill coach. He keeps our minds right outside and on the field. Even if we are in the meeting room we are joking and laughing with him but we still get the job done. He’s a great coach.’’

(Do you think the offensive line had something to prove in that SEC Championship Game): ‘’Definitely. We had to come back this game and show them we deserve this. We did.’’

(On what he knows about Oklahoma’s defense): ‘’They are a good defense. They are fast. They run to the ball. Their effort is very good. We have to respect them even if they don’t show it statistic wise but they are a good defense.’’

The Bulldogs face Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl on Monday, Jan. 1, 2018.  Kickoff is set for 5:00 p.m. ET and the game will be televised live by ESPN.