ATHENS, Ga. — The Georgia football team continued preparations for Saturday’s game against Missouri with a two-hour workout in full pads on the Woodruff Practice Fields.

The Bulldogs (4-2, 2-2 Southeastern Conference) will play host to the Tigers (4-2, 1-2) on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Sanford Stadium. The game will mark the culmination of UGA’s annual Homecoming week on campus.

The Bulldogs have dropped their last two games after a 4-0 start. Before Tuesday’s practice, Georgia head coach Mark Richt was asked how he deals with external criticism.

“We all have frustrations,” Richt said. “I just go back to the things I can control and I focus on that. I don’t focus on things I can’t control. So the thing I can control is how we prepare for the next one. That’s what I think about it. That’s what I focus on. I focus on our staff and on our team and what do we have to do to win the next one. It’s just like in the middle of a ballgame, if there’s a pick six or a penalty or whatever, something that’s not really great, my goal is not to go find the guy and wear him out. I mean, I may talk to him a little bit about it, but my goal is to say, ‘OK, well, something bad happened, where are we now and what do we have to do to win?’ That’s kind of how I treat the season as well.

“Everybody has injuries or guys banged up or they have got somebody who has got an issue off the field or whatever it is, so now you have to manage it and try to find a way to keep everybody focused on the job at hand. And most every coach and player to a certain degree finds comfort in the grind of it, in the routine of it. This is what we’re going to do this day, this day, this day, this day, this day. In order to get all the work in, we have to do it a certain way. I think it’s a little therapeutic sometimes, too, when you’re licking your wounds a little bit.”

Saturday’s game will be televised by the SEC Network, with Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer in the booth and UGA alumna Maria Taylor reporting from the sideline.