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DawgTime The Fan's Media Guide® Wed, 10 Apr 2019 13:57:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bulldogs Continue To Build Toward G-Day Wed, 10 Apr 2019 13:36:27 +0000 ATHENS, Ga. — A break in the forecast allowed the Georgia football team to conduct its workout outside on Thursday, the Bulldogs’ 10th of 15 practices this spring. The full-pads session lasted approximately two and a half hours and included a large contingent of university faculty watching prior to an appreciation dinner in their honor at Stegeman Coliseum.

Georgia’s spring campaign will culminate with the annual G-Day game on Saturday, April 20. G-Day has been a huge draw among the Georgia fan base over the last three years. In 2016, an SEC-record 93,000 fans packed Sanford Stadium in April. The following year, the Bulldogs drew 63,133, which ranked fifth nationally for spring game attendance. Georgia hosted the second-largest crowd in the nation for last year’s spring contest, a total of 82,184.

After Tuesday’s workout, players from both the Bulldogs’ offense and defense met with the media and talked about Georgia’s progress to date and the upcoming spring game.

“(G-Day) is awesome,” quarterback Jake Fromm said. “It’s really better than a home game because you have only your fans there. It’s extremely awesome to see the fans who don’t always get the opportunity to come to a regular home game, but they’re there for G-Day and you just get to see how everyone loves being in Sanford Stadium.”

Fromm was a senior in high school for what is commonly referred to as 93K Day in 2016.

“It was incredible to see a fan base that cared so much about the football program,” Fromm said. “It was exciting, and I think a good indicator of where the program was going in the future. It definitely had an impact on me.”

Over the past two G-Days Fromm has completed a combined 33-of-61 passes for 477 yards and three touchdowns.

Defensive back Mark Webb suffered an injury just prior to last year’s G-Day contest, which makes him even more eager for this year’s contest.

“I can’t wait for G-Day, especially since I missed it last year,” Webb said. “I heard so much about it. The Dawg Walk and getting to see the fans, stuff like that doesn’t get old. It never gets old. It’s the best day. It’s really a day all about Georgia because everybody comes out and you get to put on a show for the fans who come from so far away and the families who are part of the Georgia tradition.”

Admission is free for G-Day, with kickoff slated for 2:00 on April 20. The game will be televised on the SEC Network.

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Bulldogs Conduct Fourth Spring Practice Session Wed, 27 Mar 2019 19:18:54 +0000 ATHENS, Ga. — The Georgia Bulldogs held their fourth practice of the spring campaign on Tuesday afternoon, working out in full pads. Georgia will continue practice through the Bulldogs’ G-Day game on Saturday, April 20 at Sanford Stadium.

The following are quotes from head coach Kirby Smart and senior defensive lineman David Marshall in media sessions after the workout.

Head Coach Kirby Smart:

Opening Statement:

“I’ll open up with a comment first about Tyrique Stevenson and Tyler Simmons and then talk about practice a little bit. Obviously very disappointed. There’s a standard of behavior that’s expected of athletes at the University of Georgia and that’s not indicative of the behavior we want at the University of Georgia. It’s very obvious that those guys made poor choices and decisions and they will be disciplined. They will be disciplined internally and to be honest with you, both of them were cited with disorderly conduct which I think you guys know. They’ve got to find a way to make better decisions especially as young men representing this university. Those things will be handled, and they’ll be handled the right way.

“As far as practice today, I thought guys did a tremendous job practicing, really pushed hard, spirited practice. They competed really hard. We’ve got a lot of good competitions going on out there. I thought Saturday’s practice was really good, too, so we’ve had two really good competition days. Hope we can continue to stay injury free, we’ve got some bumps and bruises. We’re starting to get some guys back, LB David Marshall was able to do a little more today than he’s been doing coming off the Liz Frank injury, hope we can continue to do that. With that I’ll open it up for questions.”

On if there is a frustration with team leadership after the arrests of a freshman with a senior…

“Yeah, there’s always frustration when you have this. I don’t think it’s about a senior or a freshman. Those two guys weren’t even together. They didn’t go there together. That wasn’t the case. They ended up there, but that’s not my concern. My concern is I’ve got is the decisions that were made to put yourself in that situation. Look, our kids go downtown. We know our kids go downtown. When you go downtown, you’ve got to behave. You’ve got to act the right way. You’ve got to follow rules and be law-abiding citizens. That’s the expectation we’ve got for our players and, to be honest with you, for the most part our guys do that. But when they don’t they’re going to be punished and we’re going to try to correct it and we’re going to do it through educational ways. We’re certainly going to do that with both Tyrique and Tyler.”

On Simmons’ injuries from the incident…

“Yeah, he’s fine. He practiced today. It was something to do with his ear, but I’m not sure what it was.”

On if there were any other players involved…

“Not as far as I know. I do not think so. I think it’s over and done with. They finished it up, but I’m not 100 percent sure on that. Our communication with them is that those were the two guys involved. There were other guys there, but as far as the involvement it was those two.”

On filling the tight end position without Isaac Nauta…

“Thin. There’s not a lot of guys there. You know we moved Colby White, who we thought was a really good outside backer in fall camp, and he did a good job. He’s developed. He’s gotten a little bigger. We moved him over there to give us a little more depth. He’s done some really competitive things. He’s fighting his tail off. There’s a young man that decided to be a walk-on here, Peyton Mercer, who’s done an incredible job competing over there. Several guys. Charlie [Woerner]…[John] Fitzpatrick are ahead of the other guys. Obviously we’ve got help on the way and we want more help. But if you ask me right now it’s thin.”

On who stands out of the wide receivers…

“Well, ironically Tyler Simmons has played well. He’s really competitive, he’s fast, he gets on top of us. He’s done some good things. I think ‘D-Rob’ (Demetrius Robertson) stepped up. He’s got to continue to play more physical, but he’s made some catches. He’s made some vertical threats. Jeremiah (Holloman) is playing well. Kearis (Jackson) is coming along, probably not as fast as I’d like. Matt (Landers) has done some things and Tommy (Bush} has done some things. You know Matt’s got some bruises. Tommy’s dealing with some groin injuries. The volume we have for the number of receivers we have has been tough, and we normally balance that with tight ends but we don’t have volume there. So we’re thin. We know help’s on the way, but we’ve just got to do a good job developing enough depth that we’re comfortable with. They’ve made some plays, I definitely think that, where last year it was like big-play-bonanza out there with the wideouts while we had the young DBs. That’s balanced out more. Our DBs have gotten better, at least I hope they have, or the receivers are not as good a group right now. Actually, it was this time last year. That’s only going to happen through getting the kids here we signed and continuing to develop them.”

On CB Tyson Campbell’s development…

“Tyson’s doing a good job. He’s in a really good competition. What’s good about the corner position, we’ve got some guys coming along. DJ Daniel was, which we knew in bowl practice, he’s going to be a good player. He was covering the guys in the likes that were at the combine so we knew we had a pretty good player in DJ. Tyson’s improved. He understands the defense better. He’s bright, he’s doing some good things out there. (Eric) Stokes is doing some good things. Even Tyrique Stevenson has picked some things up. So we’ve got some good competition at that corner position.”

On David Marshall’s injury…
“We got him fixed immediately, we just didn’t know when he was coming back. David in my mind was probably not going to be able to come back most of the year last year. So I don’t really know what you’re asking. His injury is not the same injury as James Cook, though, no. It didn’t so much linger as it did. He was injured (and) then out for a while. We got him fixed. He’s taking the screws out now; he’s taking the next step to coming back now. He’s got to progress back because he gets sore each time he uses it because he hasn’t used it for so long.”

On the impact of losing Marshall last season…

“I don’t know. That’s in the year’s past. He’s a good player, I’m not going to cry over that. We need him this year. I want him to stay healthy.”

On if they work on schematic or individual defensive plays…

“There’s definitely some schematic stuff. We have a base defense that we feel good about. Within that, we have pressures and we have a lot of things we didn’t use last year for whatever reason. We may not have thought they fit the opponent. We may not have thought the fit who we had on the back end to protect it. I think we’re going to be deeper and older and wiser on the back end, which allows for a little more complexity. Last year was s tough year. It was nothing to do with Coach (Mel) Tucker. It was tough. We had some young guys in the secondary, a lot of young guys. Where now, I feel like we have a group back there that is emerging with some personality. Divaad (Wilson) has grown a little confident. That bowl game worked wonders for him. He’s playing good. Mark Webb is where he understands things. J.R. Richard…there’s good competition at safety with Otis (Reese). We just have more competition, which I think allows us to create more havoc. Some of that is scheme where you go meet with five times that are in the top 20 creating tackles for loss and you say ‘How do you do it?’ You start learning that and you try to put some things in that they do. We’re trying to that, but to be honest with you, you’re running against a big ole wall of grown men up that, and that’s tough. That’s a good offensive line.”

On what he’s seen from early enrollees DE Nolan Smith and LB Jermaine Johnson…

“I’ve seen hunger out of both of those guys. They don’t know exactly what to do yet, but man they do it hard. There’s something to be said for that. We’re going to play kids at the University of Georgia who give effort and play hard and do the right things. Those two guys, they play hard. They don’t know what they’re doing yet, and that’s our job. I’m very thankful they’re here for (these) 15 practices. I mean Nolan has flashed some plays. He made a helluva hit today and a really good play. He’s also flashed some What are you doing?’ Jermaine has been the same play. We call them ‘Super Man plays,’ where you look out there and say ‘Who is that guy? Who is that jersey number?’ But then they’re lost some too. I’m fired up to coach those two guys because I’m excited about what they’re going to do to the guys in front of them from a pushing standpoint.

On if DL Jordan Davis and other defensive linemen are stepping up with an injured line…

“What other guys? We don’t have any. Defensive line is super thin. I guess I’m whining to the masses because every coach would tell you they don’t have enough defensive linemen. Jordan is pushing hard. He’s working hard to control his weight. He’s not playing to the level he was playing mid-season to the end of the season. He’s not there right now, but he’s working hard. Jordan comes in and works cardio more than anybody we’ve got. I mean if I ran as much as Jordan my wife would be happy because I’d be skinny. Jordan’s got to fight that battle, and he knows it. We don’t have enough depth there. I thought Devonte Wyatt is a guy who’s really been competitive and done some good things. He was starting to grow up during the season, and there’s something about these guys in that second spring when they start to click and get it. Our help is on the way there. It’s just not here.”

On OL Jamaree Salyer’s performance…

“I’d say he’s three or four practices, he’s our most improved offensive lineman. It’s not center because he’s working at center as a candidate, but he’s working at right tackle and right guard. Let me tell you something, he’s played quick. The biggest jump has been that guy. We kept waiting on it because you knew you were getting a really talented player. I didn’t see the Jamaree I’ve seen this spring, I didn’t see any of that in the fall. He’s challenging some guys. He’s making guys work hard. I didn’t know if the guy could be a right tackle, but he’s gone out and played well. He’s gone to right guard and played well. He’s gone to center and blocks Jordan Davis. You start going ‘Who is that?’ ‘That’s Jamaree.’ ‘Who’s that at right guard?’ ‘That’s Jamaree.’ Jamaree has done some good things. We gave him some looks today with the ones, and we’ll continue to do that if he continues to play well.”

On DT Michael Barnett putting on weight…

“We want some quickness and twitch. When we study all these ‘havoc rates,’ a lot of it is twitchy players…quick guys. It’s a catch 22 for us because if you have quick twitchy guys and you’re playing against our guys every day in practice, our offensive line, when you move and they move you, some times the displacement is huge because when you’ve got Salyer and Andrew (Thomas) and really good offensive linemen and you start moving sideways, they just whack you and move you. We’re not built to be an extremely violent quick, twitchy defense. Mike has put on a little weight. I can’t tell you if it’s good or bad weight because he’s playing good football. He’s not playing great; he’s playing good and I’m pleased. Mike is a leader. Mike is a lunchpail guy. He’s gotten better every year. He works really hard Jordan is pushing him, though.”

On David Marshall and the inside linebacker position…

“Well, Marshall’s not able to do much. I see him a lot during walk through and I see a lost kid. LB Rian Davis, the only time I see those kids are during walk through. I’m just licking my chops to go coach them and they don’t get to practice. That’s unfortunate. They can’t put pressure on themselves to go learn it in walk through. You can only learn it through repping it. One guy who’s done some good things has been LB Nakobe Dean. He’s very intelligent, he’s very instinctive and he’s going to challenge some guys. He’s got to continue to grow and learn. LB Channing [Tindall], LB Monty [Rice], LB Quay [Walker], LB Tae [Crowder], even LB Jaden [Hunter]. They’re all doing a good job. They’re competing. But, as you know we just had two guys leave the program. I thought they were both team players and competitors but they were not elite speed-wise. We’re not going to be able to play until we get an elite speed guy in there that can run and chase things down. We’re still looking for that.”

On J.R Reed’s decision to return…

“It’s really important for us. We’ve got some continuity in secondary, he’s a great leader, he’s very communicative, he is the alpha in that secondary. He says, ‘this is what we’re doing’ and he takes over. He demands guys take notes in meetings. He is what you want. Him staying doesn’t have to do with me. He talked to his dad who is an NFL vet, played a long time. He talked to his mom. I don’t get involved in that decision. I provide information and I get feedback from people I talk to but he made that decision. I’m certainly glad he did. I think he’ll go down as one of the best leaders to come through here because he’s got a chance to be a three-year starter.

On running back Brian Herrein…

“Brian’s a fire plug out there. Brian’s hard to cover, explosive. I think you’re just seeing more of Brian because before it was sharing, sharing, sharing. He gets a chance to do a lot more and he’s worked really hard and we need him to be a good leader on the team.”

Senior David Marshall:

On how Coach Kirby Smart’s emphasis on ‘havoc play’ has impacted the defensive strategy this season…

“It really makes us go out there knowing that we need more tackles for loss, more sacks, more fumbles and more interceptions. We go out there and work every day getting better, trying to get more sacks and interceptions.”

On what he’s seen from the two-deep group of offensive linemen…

“They’re working against each other and competing against each other, getting back right. They’re just making each other is what I’ve seen out there.”

# # #

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Smart Promotes James Coley To Offensive Coordinator Fri, 11 Jan 2019 17:30:41 +0000 ATHENS———-James Coley, who served as Co-Offensive Coordinator at the University of Georgia this past season, has been promoted to Offensive Coordinator at UGA according to an announcement Friday by Bulldog head coach Kirby Smart.

Coley has been on the UGA coaching staff since Smart took over as head coach in 2016.

“James has been an critical part of our staff since we came to Georgia,” said Smart.  “He’s done an incredible job in all aspects of his responsibilities including coaching wide receivers for two years, serving as co-offensive coordinator this past season coaching the quarterbacks, and recruiting.  James has extensive coordinator experience during his entire coaching career and will transition easily into his new role.”

Coley was named Co-Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach at Georgia in 2018 after two seasons coaching the Bulldogs’ wide receivers.

He was part of a 2017 staff that led the Bulldogs to a record-tying 13 victories, first SEC championship since 2005, first appearance in the College Football Playoff, first appearance (and victory over Oklahoma) in the Rose Bowl CFP semifinal, and first appearance in the College Football Playoff Championship Game.  Georgia’s offense finished first in the SEC and 9th nationally in Rushing Offense (258.4 ypg), 3rd in the SEC in Scoring Offense (35.4 ppg), 5th in Total Offense (435.3 ypg), and 4th nationally in Red Zone Offense (0.964).

The Bulldogs followed up in 2018 with another SEC Eastern Division championship, 11-win season, and appearance in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.  This past season, the Bulldogs finished first in the SEC in total rushing offense and rushing offense per game, second in the SEC in total offense, touchdowns scored, and scoring offense.

Coley’s two seasons of coaching Bulldog receivers produced a pair of NFL draft picks:  Isaiah McKenzie (Denver) and Javon Wims (Chicago).  In 2018 he coached sophomore quarterback Jake Fromm who posted the second-best Completion Percentage in school history at 67.3, which was 12th nationally, and second-best Passing Efficiency for a QB at 171.21, which was fifth nationally.

Coley served as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Miami from 2013-15.  Prior to joining the Miami staff, he held the position of offensive coordinator from 2010-12 at Florida State.

At Florida State, Coley coached three first round draft picks in quarterbacks Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, and Jameis Winston.

The Florida State offenses under Coley were high powered averaging 31.4 points per game in 2010, 30.6 in 2011, and 39.3 in 2012.


While at Miami, the Hurricane offense led the nation in “explosive plays” all three years and they produced two 1,000 yards rushers in Duke Johnson (1,652 yards in 2014) and Joe Yearly (1,002 in 2015).


Coley coached freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya who earned Freshman All-America honors and broke the single season record for passing yards at Miami.  Wide receiver Allen Hurns, currently with the Dallas Cowboys, broke the single season receiving record with 1,162 yards in 2013.

A native of Miami, he served as an offensive assistant with the Miami Dolphins in 2005-06.  His coaching resume also included a stop at 2003 national champion Louisiana State University where he served as a graduate assistant coach.

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How the Bulldogs in the NFL fared in Week 16 Tue, 25 Dec 2018 19:06:47 +0000 Patriots 24, Bills 12:

Sony Michel: Michel had 18 carries for 116 yards and a touchdown and an 11-yard kickoff return as the Patriots clinched their 10th straight AFC East title. Michel is 14th overall and fourth among rookies with 881 yards rushing, 19th overall and fourth among rookies with six rushing touchdowns, sixth among rookies with six total touchdowns, and 10th among rookies with 36 points.

David Andrews: Andrews started at center and helped New England roll up 390 total yards.

Isaiah McKenzie: McKenzie had two punt returns for 12 yards and an 8-yard catch for Buffalo.

Saints 31, Steelers 28:

Benjamin Watson: Watson had a 6-yard reception for the Saints, who clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Browns 26, Bengals 18:

Nick Chubb: Chubb had 19 carries for 112 yards and caught two passes for three yards for the Browns. Chubb’s 972 rushing yards this season are the most ever by a Browns rookie, eclipsing Trent Richardson (950 yards in 2012) and Jim Brown (942 in the 12-game 1957 schedule). Chubb stands ninth overall and second among rookies in rushing yards, eighth overall and third among rookies with eight rushing touchdowns, 15th overall and second among rookies with 10 total tackles, and sixth among rookies with 60 points.

Geno Atkins: Atkins posted two tackles for the Bengals. He is 17th in the NFL with 10 sacks. Atkins was named last week to his seventh career Pro Bowl, making him the most recognized defensive player in Bengals history.

Shawn Williams: Williams had six tackles for Cincinnati. Williams stands sixth in the NFL with four interceptions.

Cordy Glenn and Clint Boling: Glenn and Boling started at left tackle and left guard, respectively, helping the Bengals pick up 209 total yards.

Titans 25, Redskins 16:

Ben Jones: Jones started at center and helped the Titans accumulate 291 total yards.

Bears 14, 49ers 9:

Roquan Smith: Smith led the Bears with nine tackles, including a sack among his two for loss. Smith is 13th overall and third among rookies with 116 tackles and is fourth among rookies with five sacks.

Leonard Floyd: Floyd had a tackle and two quarterback hits for Chicago.

Javon Wims: Wims was a healthy scratch for the Bears.

Rams 31, Cardinals 9:

Ramik Wilson: Wilson had three tackles for the Rams.

Todd Gurley: Gurley was inactive for Los Angeles with a knee injury. Gurley leads the league with rushing touchdowns (17) and total touchdowns (21), stands second with 1,251 yards rushing, and is third with 132 points. Last week, he was chosen for his third Pro Bowl.

Colts 28, Giants 27:

Corey Moore: Moore logged 17 special teams plays for the Colts but did not have any stats.

Lorenzo Carter: Carter had two quarterback hits for the Giants. Carter is 14th among rookies with three sacks.

John Jenkins: Jenkins had five defensive plays for New York but did not have any stats.

Alec Ogletree: Ogletree was inactive for the Giants due to a concussion. Ogletree is fifth in the league with five interceptions.

Jaguars 17, Dolphins 7:

Abry Jones: Jones had two tackles for Jacksonville.

Reshad Jones: Jones picked up seven tackles, including one for loss, and a quarterback hit for the Dolphins.

Maurice Smith: Smith returned from the practice squad to log 17 special teams plays with no stats.

Packers 44, Jets 38:

Jordan Jenkins: Jenkins had one tackle for New York. Jenkins is fifth in the NFL with two fumble recoveries.

Falcons 24, Panthers 10:

Thomas Davis: Davis had six tackles for Carolina. He is fifth in the NFL with two fumble recoveries.

Vikings 27, Lions 9:

Matthew Stafford: Stafford went 18-of-32 for 116 yards for the Lions. He is 15th in the NFL with 3,511 passing yards and 18th with 19 touchdown passes.

Seahawks 38, Chiefs 31:

Chris Conley: Conley caught three passes for 54 yards for the Chiefs.

Justin Houston: Houston had three tackles, including a sack among his two for loss. He is fifth in the NFL with two fumble recoveries.

Injured Reserve:

Tyler Catalina (Redskins): Shoulder

Orson Charles (Browns): Ankle

A.J. Green (Bengals): Toe

Isaiah Wynn (Patriots): Achilles tendon

Practice Squads:

Davin Bellamy (Texans)

Reggie Davis (Cowboys)

Garrison Smith (Dolphins)

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Bulldogs Primed for Sugar Bowl, Bright Future Sat, 22 Dec 2018 00:17:22 +0000 ATHENS, Ga. – As the No. 5 University of Georgia football team conducted Thursday practice in preparation for a meeting with the No. 15 Texas Longhorns in the Sugar Bowl, the Bulldogs also reveled in the success of a 2019 signing class.

After an 11-2 regular season and a second-straight SEC Championship appearance, the Bulldogs are headed to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana in the New Year. The future is bright.

In New Orleans, senior Jonathan Ledbetter will play his last game in a Bulldog uniform before joining outside linebacker D’Andre Walker and long snapper Nick Moore at the Reese’s Senior Bowl on January 26 in Mobile, Alabama.

At the Team Gala this year, Ledbetter was named a team captain, voted on by the players, and received the Vince Dooley Defensive Player of the Year honor alongside senior cornerback Deandre Baker and the Defensive Up-Front Award with Walker.

“It’s bittersweet, but I’m excited,” Ledbetter said. “I told my teammates, I’m passing the torch to them after this one. I’ve got one last pow-wow with them, and I’m going to give them all I’ve got. And then I have to worry about me, and they support me, and the coaches support us. It’s getting older; we’re growing up.”

Sophomore inside linebacker Monty Rice will join Ledbetter as a leader of the defensive attack at the Sugar Bowl. Despite battling injury this season, Rice tallied up the second-most tackles on the year, and will continue to pace a defensive front that finished 2018 ranked 15th nationally in scoring defense, allowing just 18.5 points per game.

“It’s the next game for me,” Rice said. “I’m motivated, we’re motivated. We want to beat them just as bad as we wanted to beat Alabama or Florida or anybody else.”

In the midst of the Sugar Bowl preparation, Georgia welcomed a 2019 signing class to the mix, a group littered with young talent that will make a difference in Athens as soon as January.

“I don’t try to convince them of anything,” Rice said on hosting the potential signees. “I just tell them how it is and how it’s going to be here. I tell them, ‘If you want to come play for a good coach with other good players around you, then come here. If not, this may not be the place for you.’”

The Sugar Bowl is slated for an 8:45 p.m. ET start time at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The contest will be aired on ESPN.

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Smart Talks 2019 Signing Class, Previews Sugar Bowl Matchup with Longhorns Thu, 20 Dec 2018 01:07:53 +0000 ATHENS, Ga. – Following a two-hour practice on the Woodruff Practice Fields Wednesday afternoon, head coach Kirby Smart met with media and discussed the University of Georgia’s 2019 signing class as well as previewed the upcoming Sugar Bowl against the Texas Longhorns.

Georgia signed a total of 20 recruits on Wednesday, the first day of the Early Signing Period.

The Sugar Bowl will take place New Year’s Day at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Kickoff is set for 8:45 p.m., ET, on ESPN.

Head Coach Kirby Smart

On practice and Georgia’s new signing class…

“Practice has been really good the last couple days. A lot of enthusiasm the first two days of the week. We did a lot of 3rd-downs, special teams, fundamentals, good-on-good, back-to-your-basics, and the guys really competed hard. We had some good competitions out there. We went ones on twos, twos on ones, ones on ones, twos on twos; we practiced a lot of guys. It was good to get the new guys – the new four guys out there competing a little bit. And then today, we introduced something called ‘Texas,’ and started implementing some of the game plan things while also still working on good-on-good and special teams. So, guys have been great, had good energy at practice. I’m pleased with the leadership and the enthusiasm out there. 

“And then the signing class, which is unique to have that and practice going on – which is extremely tough management to deal with the two things at once – it was a good day for us. We got a lot of new Bulldogs. You guys will have to tell me; I don’t know if we signed more this time than last time early, but it seemed like we signed a ton early last time, and it didn’t seem like we signed a bunch early this time. So we have a few spots left, and we still have some targets out there that we want to go after, but I think the totality of the class was it’s a good balance. You can obviously see we had to go after defensive linemen, because we need defensive linemen in our program. The good, big body types, and we’re pleased to get that done. Areas that we still have to work on, that we fell short on, are probably the defensive back, receiver and also probably some more offensive linemen, or another offensive lineman. So those are things we’re trying to add to this class to make it complete, but we’re excited about this group and very pleased with it.”

On freshman quarterback Justin Fields’ potential to transfer…

“I think he’s looking at his options. Let me say this about Justin: he’s working extremely hard. He’s competing; he’s in the meeting rooms. He’s still rolling with our twos. His information to us is ‘I’m looking at my options,’ which is what you do when you go into the portal. We all know he’s in, so that’s the extent of it, and that’s the conversation that we have had. But I am pleased with the work he’s put towards Texas and what he’s doing out there with us. He’s had a really good demeanor and good reps and good competition.”

On if Fields considering to transfer affects his role in the Sugar Bowl…

“We’re trying to figure out how to beat Texas. And we’re going to do everything we can do beat Texas. Whatever that instills for a game plan, he’s decided he wants to play in the Sugar Bowl, and I told him ‘Absolutely, I’d love for you to play in the Sugar Bowl. We want you there.’ He’s come out to work and do that and support his teammates.”

On if Fields’ potential transfer coincided with new signee Dwan Mathis…

“That had an impact. Obviously we have to recruit quarterbacks every year. You have to keep quarterbacks in your quarterback room. As you know, we were deficient in quarterback in the last couple years – we only had two on scholarship last year. Ultimately, we’d like to have four scholarship quarterbacks in our program. That is really hard to do nowadays. It’s so volatile, and they leave so often. So, we’re always working off the number of hoping to be at four, but we were very fortunate to have that young man at camp. We communicated with him; he expressed interest, and the interest was mutual. I think he’s a really good player.”

On transferring becoming a prominent reality in the college game…

“I think it’s going to be a reality, not just quarterbacks, just kids in general. If you look at the transfer rate in high schools, every high school I go in, the coaches in Florida say it’s crazy here, a kid could go to any school he wants. Coaches in Georgia say it’s getting crazy here because kids can move and go to different places, so you hear the effect of that. I think the easier it is for a kid to transfer in high school, it’s easy for him to do in college as well. It’s going to be more who adjusts to it and who handles it well. I’m not one to sit here and say whether it’s right or wrong to do it. It’s our job as coaches to deal with it. It’s the landscape that we now face. I do wish there the timing was a little better. The toughest thing is guys making decisions to do that midseason. That’s really tough. Fortunately, we didn’t have that issue. I think the time is now when the season ends, the kids want to explore their options. That’s a lot cleaner than the fourth game of the year.”

On convincing Fields to stay from a coaching standpoint…

“I don’t think there is anything you can do from that standpoint. He is not foolish enough to fall victim to that. We have been very open and honest that we would like him to stay and we want to support him and all his endeavors here. We want to support the goals he came here to accomplish. He has worked really, really hard to accomplish those during the year. This kid competed his tail off all year and played a team role throughout the year. We are very pleased with what he has done for our team throughout the year.”

On how the Mathis situation came about…

“It is a mutual thing. For us it was immediate. I mean, you would not be a very good coach if you didn’t think this would happen all year. We were anticipating this as we looked across the country at quarterbacks. What you find tough is when you are talking in hypotheticals. So, yeah I might be interested coach, if this or if that, but that is hard to do in the middle of the season. I was very animated with our staff about continuing to recruit kids from across the country because we have a possible situation with one quarterback on scholarship. We try to keep relationships developed. The one with Mathis came really fast where there was mutual interest, he had come here to camp before and he jumped on board.” 

On furthering your quarterback pool at Georgia…

“I mean we are always looking to improve our roster. If there is opportunity to get quarterbacks in here, we certainly want to do that. You look at what Jake has left, you look at the possibility of Justin staying, you look at the possibility of who we have signed and you are trying to stay around four, that is our goal.” 

On adding a strong presence to the defensive side of the ball…

“We didn’t look at it like that was what we were trying to do. We got to the point where some of it was best available. We were going to take that best available player in some slots and certainly some of those guys we got at the end and are still hoping to get in the next couple of weeks, if we think they are an impact player we are probably going to take them regardless of the depth at that position. It wasn’t slanted to be heavy defense for any reason, there are still plenty offensive players on the board we want to get.” 

On getting the #1 rated running back…

“We are excited about Kenny. Kenny gives us something that we don’t have. We have said all year we needed a 225, we thought we were missing that. Running back is a unique position. Look at what Swift did as a freshman. Look at what Chubb did as a freshman. Look at what Sony and Gurley and all these guys did as freshmen. It is a position where you can go out and sign really good players. We know we have the possibility of three guys leaving next year, If Holyfield stays. We are going to have an opportunity to go out and sign the best backs in the country next year. We have great backs coming back in our program and we have great young backs. Kenny is going to be a 220-pound guy, that is a bruiser and very athletic out of the backfield. I am excited about what he can do.” 

On keeping the relationship open with QB Dawn Mathis…

“We liked his athleticism and his arm motion, he’s got a really strong whip. He can pop the ball. … There was a period of time where there wasn’t any communication, but it did fire back up quickly. But to be honest, there was a lot of communication with a lot of other quarterbacks across the country. When you talk about the University of Georgia and the potential to be the only scholarship guy besides Jake Fromm, there was communication with a lot of guys. But he was the one who seemed the most interested and we also liked the most and we thought he brought the most to the table for us.”

On tight end Ryland Goede…

“We’re excited about Ryland. He’s extremely tough, athletic. The guy makes a ton of plays, a really good baseball player, he’s talented. You know he’s injured as well which is tough because of the situation we’re in at tight end. That’s where I would be saying is the biggest concern because we’ve got Isaac [Nauta] sitting there, that we don’t know what he’s going to do yet, he hasn’t decided. … That’s the situation we want to be able to improve our roster, we’ve got to look within our roster and see if there’s anybody else that can play that position. But he’s a very talented player that we expect to be back for Fall and help us.”

On junior college signees when looking for immediate help like defensive line…

“We signed Jermaine [Johnson], he’s the only defensive lineman from junior college but I don’t look at Jermaine as a defensive lineman, I look at him as a pass rusher. We certainly feel like we’ve dropped off in our speed on the edge from the Lorenzo’s and Davin’s and Leonard Floyd’s of the years. To be able to get Jeramine and Nolan [Smith], I don’t know that there’s two better pass rushers in a signing class anywhere in the country when it comes to speed. Jermain can run. Nolan can run. These guys have to help us disrupt the quaretbacks, which we struggled with this year.”

On bringing in highly-rated inside linebackers and what the staff looks for in that position…

“The biggest issue at inside backer is we’re losing about 800 snaps; that a lot of snaps. So, who’s going to replace those 800 snaps. When you look at the two guys we signed, one has an ACL and one is probably going to have a shoulder surgery. So, when you add that up, we’re signing guys but they’re not going to be available immediately. Now, should they be back for the season, yea; but it’s tough first season off of an ACL. It’s hard. I’ve watch kids for years struggle with that. Nakobe [Dean] is coming in as the only healthy guy that’s able to practice right away and should be able to come in and compete. … The inside linebacker position is a unique position now where it’s you have to be extremely athletic. You have to be able to run and play in space and we think those guys can do that.”

On Nakobe Dean… 

“He is really athletic. He is past athletic. He is intelligent. He is high character. You look at the intangibles this guy has. He has a great family. The first thing that his family said was, ’Safety. Academics. Football.’ They wanted him to go to a safe, good campus, wholesome campus. They know Georgia is that. They believe in Georgia. They know the program we have. They really bought into Athens. And then the academics, he wants to be an engineering student. Where better to be an engineering student than the University of Georgia, and our engineering department has done a tremendous job at carving out how he can do it. We just had a young man graduate, Jackson Harris, with an engineering degree. Nakobe is a kid that we would call him on the phone and he would say, ‘Coach, I’m sorry I can’t talk tonight. I have to go work on my schoolwork. I have to maintain my 4.0.’ I mean how many kids are going to say that? He does that a lot. He buys into the intangibles and we are excited for what he brings to the table, like a lot of these guys.”

On Texas’ run defense and transitioning on a SEC offense…

“Their defense is really good and physical. I think people have misconstrued. All Todd [Orlando] was saying was they run the ball in that league too. Oklahoma ran the ball on us last year, and did a good job doing it. So, I don’t think he was saying that, ‘We don’t have the capacity to run the ball.’ He was saying that there are run teams in their conference that they have to play against, and you look across the board and they are right. They do have run-teams in that conference. There is a perception that the ball is thrown every single snap out there and that is not the case. There is a lot of spread plays, but they do run the ball. They are not in tight formations, but they do a tremendous job defensively. They have some really quick defensive linemen. We have studied and mirrored some of the things they do defensively, and we think Todd Orlando is one of the best defensive coordinators in the country.”

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December UGA Football Signees Thu, 20 Dec 2018 00:46:09 +0000 Name                          Pos.     Ht.       Wt. Hometown    HighSch/JC

Dominick Blaylock     WR,     6-1       195     Marietta, Ga.               Walton HS

Lewis Cine                  DB      6-1       185      Cedar Hill, Tex.          Trinity Christian HS

D.J. Daniel                  DB      6-1       185      Griffin, Ga.                 Georgia Military

Rian Davis                  LB       6-2       230      Apopka, Fla.               Wevika HS

Nakobe Dean              LB       6-0       220      Horn Lake, Miss.        Horn Lake HS

Ryland Goede             TE       6-6       240      Kennesaw, Ga.        Kennesaw Mountain HS

Jermaine Johnson        LB       6-5       240     Eden Prairie, Minn. Independence (Kan.) CC

Zion Logue                 DL       6-5       295      Lebanon, Tenn.           Lebanon HS

Trezman Marshall        LB       6-1       230      Homerville, Ga.           Clinch County HS

Dwan Mathis              QB      6-6       205     Belleville, Mich.          Oak Park HS

Warren McClendon    OL       6-4.5    320      Brunswick, Ga.           Brunswick HS

Kenny McIntosh         RB       6-1       210      Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.    University School

Tymon Mitchell           DL       6-3       315      Nashville, Tenn.        Franklin Rd. Academy

William Norton           DL       6-6       285      Memphis, Tenn.          Christian Brothers HS

Nolan Smith                LB       6-3       235      Savannah, Ga.             IMG Academy

Makiya Tongue           WR      6-2       210      Baton Rouge, La.       University Lab School

Xavier Truss                OL       6-7       330      Warwick, RI             Bishop Hendricken HS

Travon Walker            DL       6-5       290      Thomaston, Ga.           Upson-Lee HS

Tramel Walthour         DL       6-3       280      Hinesville, Ga.            Hutchinson C.C.

Clay Webb                  OL       6-3       290      Oxford, Ala.               Oxford HS

Dec. 2018 Georgia Signees

Dec. 19, 2018


Marietta, Ga., Walton HS

High School: Walton, coached by Daniel Brunner…Selected to play for Team East at the 2019 All-American Bowl… five-star prospect…Ranked as the #34 prospect nationally, #6 wide receiver nationally, #7 player in Georgia…PrepStar Magazine five-star prospect, #8 prospect nationally, #1 ranked WR and a member of the Top 150 Dream Team… four-star prospect,  #33 prospect nationally, #4 WR nationally, #6 player in Georgia… four-star prospect, #55 prospect nationally, #9 WR nationally, #8 prospect in the Georgia…Accumulated 52 total touchdowns and over 3,500 yards of total offense in his Walton career…Named to the 2018 Atlanta Journal Constitution Preseason Super 11…Helped lead Walton to a 10-2 record, a top 20 ranking in the state, and an appearance in the quarterfinals of the 2018 Class 7A state playoffs…As a senior, caught 60 passes for 1,052 yards and eight touchdowns, while gaining 216 rushing yards on 53 carries for 10 touchdowns…Named “Back of the Week” by the Touchdown Club of Atlanta after his game-winning 11-yard touchdown run in week four… Member of Marietta Daily Journal Dynamite Dozen…Participated in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals…As a junior, he helped the Raiders to an 11-1 record and a second round appearance in the Class 7A state playoffs…Caught 52 passes for 900 yards and seven touchdowns, while adding 270 rushing yards on 38 carries for 10 touchdowns his junior season…Named 2017 All-State 7A Honorable Mention offense by the GSWA and AJC…As a sophomore, named to the MaxPreps 2016 Football Sophomore All-American Second Team offense, GSWA All-State 7A Honorable Mention in addition to All-Region (4-7A)…Tallied 59 catches for 904 yards and eight touchdowns in his sophomore campaign…Earned offensive MVP honors at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl national combine…As a freshman, named to MaxPreps 2015 Football Freshman All-American First Team offense after recording 41 catches for 795 yards and eight scores…Played club 7vs7 football for Hustle Inc. 7v7 in 2018…Also competed on the varsity baseball team during his sophomore year…Played youth travel baseball with fellow Georgia signee Ryland Goede for the 643 DP Cougars, according to an article by the Marietta Daily Journal….Son of former NBA All-Star Mookie Blaylock.

LEWIS CINE, DB, 6-1, 185

Cedar Hill, Tex., Trinity Christian School

High School: Trinity Christian School, coached by Troy Williams…Selected to play in the 2019 Under Armour All-America Game… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #66 overall prospect nationally, #3 safety nationally and #11 prospect in the state of Texas… PrepStar Magazine five-star prospect, ranked #48 nationally, #3 SAF, and a member of the Top 150 Dream Team… four-star prospect, #31 nationally, #3 safety, #6 in Texas and #7 in the Midlands… four-star prospect, #89 nationally, #6 safety and #12 in Texas…Led the Tigers to a 10-0 regular season, followed by four straight wins in the playoffs to secure Trinity Christian’s second-straight TAPPS Div. II State Championship…Earned a selection to the 2018 TAPPS Division II All-State First Team defense…Finished with 85 tackles (46 solo) and 13 TFLs in his senior season…Had 2 INTs, 2 FFs and 1 FR for a touchdown…Also added 45 punt return yards on 2 attempts…Transferred to TCS after playing his first three seasons at Everett High School in Massachusetts…Honored as the USA Today 2017 Massachusetts Defensive Player of the Year…Named to the Boston Herald 2017 All-Scholastic Team as an EHS honor roll student…Led Everett towards back-to-back MIAA Division I State Championships his junior and sophomore seasons with a combined 25-2 record over that span…Amassed 65 tackles, two interceptions, two fumble recoveries and two blocks (1 FG, 1 Punt) in his junior season…Helped EHS to a 9-1 record and a quarterfinal appearance in the MIAA Division I State Playoffs as a freshman…Compiled a 48-3 record in his high school career.

D.J. DANIEL, DB, 6-1, 185

Griffin, Ga., Georgia Military College

Junior College: Georgia Military College, coached by Bert Williams… four-star JUCO prospect…Ranked as the #6 JUCO prospect nationally, #2 ranked JUCO cornerback and #1 JUCO prospect in the state of Georgia…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #4 ranked JUCO prospect, #1 ranked CB…, four star prospect, ranked #7 JUCO prospect overall and #2 CB in the ESPN JC Top 50… #14 JUCO prospect nationally…Team captain of the Georgia Military College team… Led Georgia Military defense that allowed 159.6 passing yards per game and 16.8 points per game…Hauled in two interceptions in his second season… In his first season, blocked three kicks and tied for a team-high three interceptions…Part of a Bulldog secondary that finished 2017 ranked in the top-10 in the NJCAA in INTs…Former Georgia Military College teammates include North Carolina State junior CB Kishawn Miller, Appalachian State junior DB A.J. Beach, and South Carolina junior defensive tackle Jabari Ellis.

High School: Spalding, coached by Nick Davis…Helped advance the Jaguars to the second round of the 2016 GHSA High School Playoffs in two-straight years, including a 10-2 record his junior season.

RIAN DAVIS, LB, 6-2, 230

Apopka, Fla., Wevika HS

High School: Wevika HS, coached by Rich Bedesem…Selected to play in the 2019 Under Armour All-America Bowl… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #4 outside linebacker nationally, the #78 overall prospect nationally and the #11 prospect in Florida…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #57 nationally, #5 OLB, and a member of the Top 150 Dream Team… four-star prospect, ranked #125 nationally, the #4 ILB and #13 in the state of Florida… four-star prospect, #106 nationally, #10 OLB and #16 in Florida…Made three tackles for loss and two sacks in the first four games of his senior before suffering a torn ACL…Wekiva finished with an 11-2 record and reached the FHSAA Region 1-8A championship…Named to the Maxwell Football Club’s 2018 National High School Defensive Player of the Year watch list in the preseason…Selected to represent Team Elite in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals…Touted as Orlando’s “most coveted recruit” by the Orlando Sentinel…Spent his freshman season at Wekiva, then moved to the Houston area and played three different positions (DE, OLB, RB) for Clear Lake HS his sophomore and junior seasons…Tabbed to the UIL Class 6A All-District 24 team both seasons at Clear Lake…Made 94 total tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 13 quarterback hurries, six pass deflections, two interceptions and two fumble recoveries for touchdowns (both in the first quarter of the Clements game) as a junior in 2017…Registered 52 total tackles and nine quarterback hurries as a sophomore… Also competed in the discus throw and shot put for the Clear Lake and Wevika track and field teams…Nicknamed “Trouble”… Plans to enroll early.

NAKOBE DEAN, LB, 6-0, 220

Horn Lake, Miss., Horn Lake HS

High School: Horn Lake HS, coached by Brad Boyette…Honored as the 2018 High School Butkus Award recipient, given to the nation’s top high school linebacker…Selected to play in the 2019 Under Armour All-America Game…Also selected to represent his state in the 2018 Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game…Chosen as the 2018-19 Gatorade High School Football Player for the state of Mississippi… five-star prospect…Ranked as the #1 inside linebacker nationally, #14 overall prospect nationally and the #1 prospect in Mississippi…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #13 nationally and a member of the Top 150 Dream Team… five-star prospect, ranked #19 nationally, #1 ILB and #1 in Mississippi… four-star prospect, #23 nationally, #3 OLB, #11 in the Southeast and #1 in Mississippi…Listed at No. 15 on the USA Today Chosen 25 during the preseason…Helped lead Horn Lake to an undefeated 15-0 season, a No. 1 state ranking (MaxPreps) and the 2018 MHSAA Class 6A State Championship…The title comes as Horn Lake’s first in program history after the team had never advanced past the second round in the playoffs and went 2-10 in 2015, Dean’s freshman season…Awarded as 2018 Mississippi Mr. Football for Class 6A…Recognized as the 2018 National Lineman of the Year by the Touchdown Club of Atlanta…Listed as one of five candidates for the USA Today 2018 Southwest Defensive Player of the Year…A consensus All-American in the 2018 preseason, with first team honors bestowed by USA Today and MaxPreps…Also tabbed for the Clarion-Ledger 2018 Dandy Dozen in the preseason after being named “Five to Watch” for the award a year prior…Made 175 total tackles to rank top five in the state of Mississippi. along with 26 tackles for loss, seven sacks, three interceptions and two forced fumbles in his senior season…Also played running back for the Eagles, rushing for nine touchdowns…Selected to represent the Team Elite team in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals…Tallied 147 total tackles, 25 tackles for loss and nine sacks as a junior…All told, he racked up 438 total tackles, 61.5 tackles for loss, 18 sacks, six interceptions and 12 total touchdowns in his Horn Lake career…A rare quadruple-sport athlete at HLHS, competing for the varsity baseball, basketball and track and field teams at different points in high school…Older brother, Nikolas, plays tight end at Ole Miss.

RYLAND GOEDE, TE, 6-6, 240

Kennesaw, Ga., Kennesaw Mountain HS

High School: Kennesaw Mountain, coached by Caleb Carmean… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #6 tight end nationally, #196 overall prospect nationally and the #23 prospect in Georgia…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, ranked #162 nationally, #6 TE, and a member of the Top 350 All-American Team… four-star prospect, the #4 TE and #17 in Georgia… four-star prospect, ranked as the #11 TE and #29 in the state…All-time career leader in receptions, reception yards and touchdown catches at Kennesaw Mountain…Selected to the All-Region 3-7A First Team offense as a senior and a junior…Had his senior career cut short by an ACL tear suffered in October…Listed to the 2018 Marietta Daily Journal Dynamite Dozen in the preseason…Selected to represent Team Boomin’ at Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals…Named to the USA Today 2017 All-USA Georgia Second Team offense…Hauled in 21 passes for 228 yards receiving and four touchdowns as a junior…Moved into the all-time record books at KMHS prior to his senior season, ranking No. 3 in receptions (60), No. 4 in reception yards (665) and No. 2 in touchdown receptions (8)…Committed on National Signing Day (Feb. 2018) at the Sports and Social in Smyrna, bolstering Georgia’s 2019 class…First loves were golf and baseball and did not enjoy football until middle school…Intends to play baseball at Georgia and was named to the 2017 Perfect Game 16U All-American second team at third base.


Eden Prairie, Minn., Independence C.C. (Kan.)

Junior College: Independence C.C., coached byJason Brown… four-star JUCO prospect…PrepStar Magazine five-star prospect, #1 overall nationally, #1 JUCO DE…Ranked as the #2 overall Junior College prospect nationally, the #2 JUCO Weakside defensive end prospect and the #1 JUCO prospect from Minnesota… four-star JUCO prospect, ranked as the #3 overall Junior College prospect nationally…Totaled 96 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries in just 20 games for Independence…Grew 2 inches (from 6’4” to 6’6”), and gained 27 lbs. (213 to 240) since graduating high school in 2017…Featured on season three of the award-winning Netflix documentary “Last Chance U.”

High School: Eden Prairie HS, coached by Mike Grant… three-star prospect…Ranked as the #105 Weakside Defensive End prospect and the #11 prospect in Minnesota… two-star prospect.

ZION LOGUE, DL, 6-5, 295

Lebanon, Tenn., Lebanon HS

High School: Lebanon HS, coached by Chuck Gentry… three-star prospect, #29 strong defensive end nationally, #13 player in Tennessee… four-star prospect, #20 SDE nationally, #6 player in Tennessee…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #348 nationally, #27 DE….Helped lead Lebanon to its best season since 2004 with an 8-3 record and a trip to the 2018 TSSAA Division I Class 6A Playoffs…Captained LHS to its first winning record since 2006 and launched a turnaround from a 1-10 season in 2016…Tallied 57 total tackles, including six for loss, while adding an interception, fumble forced and one reception – a 19-yard touchdown – in his senior season…Paced a tenacious Blue Devil defense which held opponents to 11 points per game in the regular season, a program-best since the mid-1980s according to the program’s website…Listed as No. 7 on The Tennessean Dandy Dozen, a collection of top-12 college football prospects in Nashville area.


Homerville, Ga., Clinch County HS

High School: Clinch County, coached by Jim Dickerson… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #7 inside linebacker nationally, #122 overall prospect nationally and the #13 prospect in Georgia…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #75 nationally, #3 ILB, and a member of the Top 150 Dream Team… four-star prospect, #77 nationally, #2 ILB and #10 in Georgia… four-star prospect, ranked #193 nationally, #19 athlete and #19 in the state…Helped lead Clinch County to a 13-1 season and the Class A-Public State Title in 2018, the team’s third state championship in four years…Named to the AJC 2018 Preseason Super 11, the only player selected from a classification below AAA…Consensus selection to the 2017 All-State Class A-Public First Team defense by the AJC, GSWA and GACA South…Recognized as the 2017 Co-Defensive Player of the Year in Region 2-1A…Accumulated 23 tackles and four sacks as well as 974 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns despite missing most of his junior season…Starting inside linebacker at Clinch County who also played quarterback and fullback on offense…Compiled a 49-6 career record at CCHS.

DWAN MATHIS, QB, 6-6, 205

Belleville, Mich., Oak Park HS

High School: Oak Park HS, coached by Greg Carter, a former All-American baseball player at Kentucky State…Selected to the Elite 11 Finals, the nation’s most prestigious quarterback camp for high school prospects…Joins Georgia sophomore quarterback Jake Fromm and former Bulldogs Aaron Murray, Matthew Stafford, D.J. Shockley and five more Georgia alumni as Elite 11 participants… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #9 pro-style quarterback nationally, #7 player in Michigan and #261 overall prospect nationally… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #102 prospect nationally, the #2 dual-threat quarterback and #4 prospect in Michigan… four-star prospect, ranked #299 nationally, #15 QB-DT, #24 in the Midwest and the #6 prospect from Michigan…Led the Knights to a 9-2 overall record and a perfect 6-0 record in the Oakland – White League as a senior, winning the opening round of the MHSAA Division 2 state playoffs before falling to eventual champions De La Salle Collegiate in the second round…Completed 62.5 percent of his passes in 2018 for 1,509 yards and 20 touchdowns through the air, with 305 yards rushing as well according to…Shined in the summer camp circuit at the Rivals Championships Series camp in Columbus and at Nike’s The Opening Regional in Cleveland…Threw for over 3,000 yards and rushed for over 700 yards with 26 touchdowns accounted for in his junior season according to…Helped Oak Park to a 30-15 record in his high school career, including back-to-back nine-win seasons in 2017 and 2018…A towering quarterback prospect at 6-foot-6, 205 lbs. …Also a dominant forward on the Oak Park varsity basketball team.

WARREN McCLENDON, OL, 6-4.5, 320

Brunswick, Ga., Brunswick HS

High School: Brunswick, coached by Sean Pender… four-star prospect, #235 prospect nationally, #22 offensive tackle nationally and the #25 player in Georgia…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #249 prospect nationally, #26 OT, and a member of the All-Southeast Team… four-star prospect, #18 OT nationally, #16 player in Georgia… four-star prospect, #292 prospect nationally, #32 OT prospect nationally, #34 prospect in Georgia…As a junior in 2017, named to the Atlanta Journal Constitution All-State Class 6A Team, Georgia Sports Writers Association Class 6A First Team Offense and First-Team All-Region 2-6A…Anchored the Pirates line that averaged 42.3 points per game in 2017 …Selected to represent Team Overdrive in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals and was named to the 247Sports Opening Finals Dream Team with an unofficial 9-5 record in the OL/DL Challenge…Also played basketball, helping lead the Pirates to the Sweet 16 of the 2018 GHSA Class 6A State Tournament as a junior and the 2017 GHSA Class 6A State Championship Game as a sophomore…Nephew to Willie McClendon, a Brunswick High standout who precluded Herschel Walker at Georgia, rushing for 2,228 career yards and 22 touchdowns from 1976-78 before playing four seasons with the Chicago Bears…Cousin to Bryan McClendon, the current offensive coordinator at South Carolina and former assistant coach and starting wide receiver on the 2005 SEC Championship team at Georgia.

KENNY McINTOSH, RB, 6-1, 210

 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., University School

High School: University School, coached by Daniel Luque… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #179 overall prospect nationally, the #10 running back prospect nationally, #10 RB, and the #25 prospect in Florida…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, ranked #196 nationally and a member of the All-Southeast Team… four-star prospect, ranked as the #229 overall prospect nationally, the #13 RB prospect nationally, and the #36 prospect in Florida … four-star prospect, ranked as the #112 overall prospect nationally, the #6 RB prospect nationally, and the #15 prospect in Florida…Recorded 1,345 rushing yards on 199 carries to go along with 19 rushing touchdowns in addition to catching 12 passes for 164 yards and a touchdown out of the backfield in his senior season…Named Top Performer by the Sun Sentinel in week two for 165 rushing yards and four touchdowns against Immokalee…Listed at No. 2 among Broward area recruits in the Sun Sentinel Top 19 for 2019…Selected to represent Team Overdrive in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals…Accumulated 1,261 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns in his junior campaign…Earned consecutive selections to the Miami Herald All-Broward Class 5A-Independent First Team offense as a junior and sophomore…Tallied 1,214 yards of offense as a sophomore in his first season primarily at running back…Named to the MaxPreps 2015 Freshman All-American First Team defense as a DB…Also was a small forward for University’s basketball team…Younger brother of current New York Giants defensive lineman and former Miami Hurricanes standout, RJ McIntosh.


Nashville, Tenn., Franklin Road Academy

High School: Franklin Road Academy, coached by Bill Whittemore… three-star prospect, ranked as the #28 defensive tackle nationally and the #14 prospect in the state of Tennessee… four-star prospect, #19 DT nationally, #9 player in Tennessee…PrepStar Magazine three-star prospect and #23 DT nationally… three-star prospect and the #33 DT in the nation…Helped the Panthers to an 8-5 record, making it to the TSSAA Division II Class AA state semifinals…Named The Tennessean Nashville All-Region Division II-AA Middle Defensive Player of the Year in 2018…Listed as No. 9 on The Tennessean Dandy Dozen, a collection of top-12 college football prospects in Nashville area…As a junior, named The Tennessean Nashville All-Region Division II-AA Middle Co-Defensive MVP and to the Tennessee Football Coaches Association All-State Team…In 2017, he tallied 74 tackles including 11 for a loss and three sacks…Also competed on the wrestling team in the 285 lbs. weight class, grabbing third place in the 2018 TSSAA State Wrestling Championships as a junior with a 17-2 record…During his sophomore campaign, he finished fifth at the state wrestling meet.


Memphis, Tenn., Christian Brothers HS

High School: Christian Brothers HS, coached by Thomas McDaniel…Selected to play in the 2018 AutoZone Liberty Bowl… four-star prospect, #8 strongside defensive end prospect nationally and the #3 player in the state of Tennessee…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, #103 ranked prospect nationally, #11 DE… four-star prospect, #121 nationally, #14 offensive tackle prospect and #3 in Tennessee… four-star prospect, #240 nationally, #21 OT and #7 in Tennessee…Helped lead CBHS to an 8-3 record and the second round of the 2018 TSSAA Division II Class 3A state playoffs…Named as a finalist for Tennessee’s Mr. Football Award in 2018…Honored as the 2017 Tennessee Titans Mr. Tennessee for Class 3A his junior year and was named a semifinalist for the award this year…Selected to the 2018 Division II Class 3A All-Region First Team defense by league coaches…Recorded 55 tackles (10 for lost yards) and six sacks for the Purple Wave in 2018…Tabbed for the USA Today 2018 Preseason All-State First Team defense for Tennessee…Led the Purple Wave to an undefeated regular season, a 12-1 overall record, a No. 7 ranking in Tennessee and a semifinals appearance in the 2017 TSSAA Division II Class 3A state playoffs as a junior…Reached the quarterfinals of the state playoffs in all four seasons at Christian Brothers and compiled a 40-11 career record…Also a four-year member of the Christian Brothers varsity basketball team…Goes by “Bill”.

NOLAN SMITH, LB, 6-3, 235

Savannah, Ga., IMG Academy

High School: IMG Academy, coached by Kevin Wright…One of four finalists for the Anthony Muñoz Lineman of the Year Award, given to the nation’s top senior offensive and defensive lineman and presented at the All-American Bowl Awards Show on Jan. 4th, 2019…Selected to play in the 2019 All-American Bowl… five-star prospect, top-ranked prospect nationally…PrepStar Magazine five-star prospect, #2 prospect nationally, #2 WR… five-star prospect, #2 prospect nationally, #2 defensive end prospect nationally, #1 prospect in Florida… five-star prospect, #5 prospect nationally, #2 WDE nationally,  #2 player in Florida…Helped the Ascenders to a 7-1 record, amassing 47 tackles, 14.5 for a loss and 6.5 sacks in his senior season…Listed at No. 2 on the USA TODAY Chosen 25 during the preseason …As a junior, he had 41 tackles, 10 TFL, four sacks, two fumbles recovered, an interception, a fumble forced and a blocked punt…Named to the 2017 MaxPreps Junior All-American Team First Team offense…Selected to represent Team Boomin’ at Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals, winning the Nike Football Rating Championship with a score of 141.75 (4.55 40-yard dash, 42’2” vertical jump, 4.08 short shuttle and 44’6” powerball throw)…Was also named to the 247Sports Opening Finals Dream Team with an unofficial 9-9-1 record in the OL/DL Challenge…Finishing high school at Calvary Day School in Savannah, Ga., where he spent the first two years of high school…Transferred to IMG Academy after his sophomore campaign at Calvary Day, coached by Rick Tomberlin, where he played defensive line and running back…Named 2016 Atlanta Journal Constitution Region 3-A East Player of the Year…Also was named to the 2016 All-State Class A-Private First Team defense by both the Georgia Sports Writers Association and Atlanta Journal Constitution…Additionally, named All-Savannah Morning News First-Team defense and 2016 MaxPreps Sophomore All-American Team Second-Team defense…Aided the Cavaliers to a 10-1 record with a Class A-Private quarterfinals finish…Defensively, he amassed 75 tackles – 16 for a loss – to go along with 27 quarterback hurries, 12 sacks, three forced fumbles, a fumble recovery and a blocked punt as a sophomore…Offensively, he led the team with 712 rushing yards and scored 12 total touchdowns…As a freshman at Calvary in 2015, coached by Mark Stroud, he helped lead the Cavaliers to an appearance in the Class A-Private playoffs and a 9-2 final record…He ran for 696 yards and 14 touchdowns, while tallying 36 total tackles – 11 for a loss – to go along with 15 QB hurries and two sacks…Currently playing center on varsity basketball team for the Cavaliers, which he did as a sophomore as well.


Baton Rouge, La., University Laboratory School

High School: University Lab, coached by Chad Mahaffey.. four-star prospect…Ranked as the #209 prospect nationally, the #8 athlete nationally, and the #12 overall prospect in the state of Louisiana…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, ranked #214 nationally, #15 ATH, and a member of the Top 350 All-American Team…ESPN four-star prospect, #103 prospect nationally, #10 ATH in the nation and #6 overall prospect in Louisiana… four-star prospect, #22 ATH nationally and #17 prospect from Louisiana…Led U-High to 27 straight wins, a No. 16 national ranking (USA Today Super 25) and its second-straight LHSAA Division II State Title in 2018, hauling in an incredible 17-yard touchdown pass in the end zone on 4th and 6…Played wide receiver primarily for the Cubs, but also safety and outside linebacker and has the opportunity to play multiple positions at the next level…Recorded 16 catches for 249 yards and three touchdowns by midseason of his senior year…Named to The Advocate’s 2017 All-District 6-3A Second Team offense as a junior…Hauled in 27 catches for 354 yards and four touchdowns in the regular season in 2017….Son of Reggie Tongue, who played nine seasons as an NFL safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets.

XAVIER TRUSS, OL, 6-7, 330

Warwick, R.I., Bishop Hendricken

High School: Bishop Hendricken, coached by Keith Croft…Selected to represent the East in the 2019 All-America Bowl… four-star prospect…Ranked as the #1 prospect in Rhode Island, #15 offensive tackle nationally, and #138 overall player…PrepStar Magazine four-star prospect, ranked #89 nationally, #13 OT, and member of All-East Team… four-star prospect, ranked 99th overall player, #12 offensive tackle nationally, #9 in Northeast and #1 in Rhode Island… four-star prospect, ranked #20 offensive tackle nationally and #188 player overall…One of four members of Georgia’s ESPN 300 offensive linemen in the 2019 class…Football University’s 2019 All-Top Gun Team, one of six offensive linemen… One of 14 players to earn the 2018 Football University GRIT Award at the Top Gun Showcase…Selected as one of 100 players nationally invited to the All-American high school combine in San Antonio…Providence First-Team All-State selection his junior year…Guided the Hawks to back-to-back Rhode Island State Championship Super Bowl appearances, earning the Rhode Island state title in 2018 after an undefeated division slate and an 8-1 record as a senior…Also played on the defensive line his junior year with 45 tackles and two sacks…Three-time state champion in indoor track and field…As a junior, contributed a second-place finish in shot put for the team’s 24th-straight title…Teammate of University of Michigan freshman defensive lineman Kwity Paye.

                                          TRAVON WALKER, DL, 6-5, 290

Thomaston, Ga., Upson-Lee HS

High School: Upson-Lee, coached by Justin Elder…Selected to represent the East in the 2019 All-American Bowl… five-star prospect…Ranked as the #2 defensive tackle nationally, the #24 overall prospect nationally and the #5 prospect in Georgia… four-star prospect, ranked #40 nationally, the #4 SDE and #6 in the state…PrepStar Magazine five-star prospect, #18 prospect nationally, #4 DT… four-star prospect, #51 nationally, #6 DE and #8 in Georgia…Played multiple positions on the defensive line for the Knights, as well as tight end and running back…Awarded Lineman of the Week in week nine by the Touchdown Club of Atlanta for his performance against West Laurens, which included 11 tackles, two touchdown receptions and a touchdown run…Named to the USA Today 2018 Preseason All-USA First Team defense…Tabbed for the AJC 2018 Preseason Super 11 along with Georgia signees Dominick Blaylock and Trezmen Marshall…Named to the Maxwell Football Club’s 2018 National High School Defensive Player of the Year watch list in the preseason…Selected to represent Team Overdrive in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals and compete in the Final Five Lineman Challenge…Listed to the USA Today 2017 Georgia All-USA Second Team defense…Named to the GACA South 2017 All-State Class 4A First Team defense, as well as honorable mention by the AJC his junior and sophomore seasons…Racked up 37 solo tackles, three sacks and two forced fumbles as a junior…Has helped lead the Upson-Lee basketball team to a historic 71 straight wins (third-longest in state history), a No. 7 national ranking (Xcellent 25) in 2018 and back-to-back Class 4A titles…As a junior, averaged 12.2 points, 11.9 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game while complementing current Georgia freshman point guard Tye Fagan…Also competed in the discus throw and shot put for the Upson-Lee track and field team, finishing 8th in the 2018 GHSA Class 4A shot put championships with a throw of 48 feet, 7 inches…Registered an 8-3 record in 2015 at Upson-Lee together with Georgia junior defensive end David Marshall, who has amassed 58 tackles, seven tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks in 32 appearances for the Bulldogs…Walker worked out with Marshall and threw shot put with him…Both were coached in 2015 by Tommy Parks, who also coached former Georgia linebacker and current New York Jet Jordan Jenkins.


Hinesville, Ga., Hutchinson C.C.

Hutchinson C.C. (Kan.): Hutchinson Community College, coached by Rion Rhoades… three-star JUCO prospect…Ranked #40 nationally, the #4 JUCO defensive tackle and the #13 JUCO prospect from the state of Georgia… three-star JUCO prospect, the #44 JUCO player overall, the #6 JUCO defensive tackle and a member of the ESPN JC50…Helped Hutchinson to a 9-3 overall record, capped off by a 35-6 victory over Navarro College in the Salt City Bowl…Registered 16 total tackles, two tackles for loss and one sack in 10 games played for the Blue Dragons…Took the same route from high school to Hutchinson and then Georgia as Georgia sophomore defensive lineman Devonte Wyatt, who made 12 tackles in 11 games in his debut season.

High School: Liberty County, coached by Kirk Warner… three-star prospect, #54 defensive tackle nationally, #67 overall prospect in Georgia… three-star prospect, #48 defensive tackle nationally, #65 overall prospect in the state… three-star prospect, #37 defensive tackle nationally, #51 overall prospect in the state of Georgia…Named to the All-Region 2-3A First Team defense…Named the Liberty County Football Defensive Player of the Year by…Led the Panthers to the 2016 and 2017 GHSA Class 3A semifinals his junior and senior seasons…In addition to football, lettered in basketball at Liberty County…Brother, Tracy White Jr., plays cornerback at Old Dominion…High school teammate of current Georgia sophomore defensive back Richard LeCounte for three seasons at Liberty County.

CLAY WEBB, OL, 6-3, 290

Oxford, Ala., Oxford HS

High School: Oxford HS, coached by Ryan Herring…One of two centers selected to play in the 2019 Under Armour All-America Game, but will forego the game to enroll early at Georgia…Also selected to the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game…Ranked #18 in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25…Listed as the top prospect on’s “A-List”, the top 15 prospects in the state of Alabama… 5-star recruit…The #22 overall prospect in the nation, #1 center, and the #1 recruit in Alabama…PrepStar Magazine five-star prospect, ranked #14 nationally, #1 OC, and a member of the Top 150 Dream Team… 5-star recruit, ranked #23 nationally, #2 in the state of Alabama, and the #1 OC… 5-star recruit, ranked #11 nationally, #1 in his position, #6 in the Southeast, and #2 in the state of Alabama…The fourth addition to Georgia’s class of ESPN 300 offensive linemen…Led Oxford to a 10-3 overall record, 5-2 record in region play and the quarterfinals of the AHSAA Class 6A state playoffs before falling to Clay-Chalkville HS…Paved the way for an explosive Yellow Jacket offense that averaged 37.2 points per game…Named to the USA Today 2018 Preseason All-USA First Team offense and the All-American Second Team offense by MaxPreps…Selected to represent Team Elite in Nike’s The Opening 2018 Finals…Earned an invite to the 2018 Rivals Five-Star Challenge by earning offensive MVP honors at the Atlanta Rivals 3 Stripe camp… Named to the MaxPreps All-American First Team offense his junior and sophomore seasons, and Second Team offense his freshman year…Tabbed for the USA Today 2017 All-State First Team offense…Named to the ASWA All-State Class 6A First Team offense his junior and sophomore seasons…Burst onto the scene at the Atlanta Opening regional and Atlanta Rivals camp following his freshman year in 2016…Started at left tackle for OHS as an eighth grader according to an article by…Helped lead the Oxford wrestling team to its second-straight 2018 AHSAA Class 6A Duals championship, clinching the final match by pin down and finishing his career with a 45-1 record and 38 pins…Joins Isaiah Wilson (2017), Cade Mays (2018) and Jamaree Salyer (2018) as the five-star offensive linemen signed by Georgia.

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Former Bulldogs Geno Atkins, Todd Gurley Selected For 2019 Pro Bowl Thu, 20 Dec 2018 00:39:28 +0000 ATHENS. Ga. — Former Georgia football greats Todd Gurley and Geno Atkins have been selected to play in the 2019 Pro Bowl, the NFL announced Wednesday. This marks the third selection for Gurley and the seventh selection for Atkins.  The Pro Bowl will include AFC and NFC All-Stars from 29 different teams and 24 clubs. Players were selected by the consensus votes of fans, players, and coaches. Each group’s vote counted one-third toward determining the 86 Pro Bowl selections announced today.  The 2019 Pro Bowl will kick off at 3:00 PM ET on Sunday, January 27, in Orlando, Fla., and will be televised live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes, Disney XD and simulcast on ABC. 

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How the Bulldogs in the NFL fared in Week 15 Tue, 18 Dec 2018 15:12:43 +0000 Bears 24, Packers 17:

Roquan Smith: Smith had a team-high 10 tackles and defended one pass for Chicago, which clinched the NFC North title for the first time since 2010. Smith is 14th overall and third among rookies with 107 tackles. He also is sixth among rookies with four sacks.

Leonard Floyd: Floyd had two sacks among his six tackles for the Bears.

Javon Wims: Wims was a healthy scratch for Chicago.

Bengals 30, Raiders 16:

Geno Atkins: Atkins had three sacks and another tackle for loss among his six stops for the Bengals. Atkins is 17th in the NFL with 10 sacks.

Shawn Williams: Williams picked up five tackles and defended two passes for Cincinnati. Williams is sixth in the league with four interceptions.

Cordy Glenn and Clint Boling: Glenn and Boling started at left tackle and left guard, respectively, and helped the Bengals roll up 294 total yards.

Browns 17, Broncos 16:

Nick Chubb: Chubb rushed 20 carries for 100 yards as he eclipsed the century mark for the third time this season for Cleveland. Chubb is 12th overall and third among rookies with 860 yards rushing, eighth overall and third among rookies with eight rushing touchdowns, 14th overall and second among rookies with 10 total touchdowns, and fifth among rookies with 60 points.

Bills 14, Lions 13:

Isaiah McKenzie: McKenzie had six catches for 53 yards, two kickoff returns for 29 yards, two punt returns for 11 yards, and one rush for four yards for Buffalo.

Matthew Stafford: Stafford went 22-of-29 for 208 yards and a touchdown for Detroit. Stafford is 15th in the league with 3,395 passing yards and 18th with 19 touchdown passes.

Titans 17, Giants 0:

Ben Jones: Jones started at center and helped Tennessee accumulate 301 total yards.

Lorenzo Carter: Carter had four tackles for New York. Carter is 12th among rookies with three sacks.

Alec Ogletree: Ogletree had seven tackles, including one for loss, for the Giants. Ogletree stands fifth in the NFL with five interceptions.

John Jenkins: Jenkins was a healthy scratch for New York.

Colts 23, Cowboys 0:

Corey Moore: Moore appeared on nine special teams plays for the Colts but did not record any stats.

Saints 12, Panthers 9:

Thomas Davis: Davis recorded 12 tackles and defended one pass for the Panthers. Davis is fourth in the NFL with two fumble recoveries.

Benjamin Watson: Watson had a 28-yard reception for the Saints. Watson, who celebrates his birthday today, and the Chargers’ Antonio Gates are the first tight ends in NFL history to have 300 receiving yards at age 38 or older. It has been done just 10 times total by any receiver — five by Jerry Rice, two by Charlie Joiner, and once each by Irving Fryar and now Gates and Watson. Watson has 365 yards on 32 catches this season.

Chargers 29, Chiefs 28:

Chris Conley: Conley had two catches for 19 yards for Kansas City.

Justin Houston: Houston registered five tackles, including 1.5 sacks, for the Chiefs. Houston is fourth in the NFL with two fumble recoveries.

Texans 29, Jets 22:

Jordan Jenkins: Jenkins had a sack and two quarterback hits for New York. Jenkins is fourth in the NFL with two fumble recoveries.

Vikings 41, Dolphins 17:

Reshad Jones: Jones picked up four tackles for Miami.

Redskins 16, Jaguars 13:

Abry Jones: Jones had a sack and two other tackles for loss among his five stops for Jacksonville.

Steelers 17, Patriots 10:

David Andrews: Andrews started at center for New England, which accumulated 368 total yards.

Sony Michel: Michel carried 13 times for 59 yards for the Patriots. Michel is 19th overall and fourth among rookies with 765 rushing yards, fifth among rookies with five rushing touchdowns, seventh among rookies with five total touchdowns, and 11th among rookies with 30 points.

Eagles 30, Rams 23:

Todd Gurley: Gurley had 12 carries for 48 yards and two touchdowns and he caught 10 passes for 76 yards for Los Angeles. Gurley is first in the NFL with 17 rushing touchdowns and 21 overall touchdowns and second with 1,251 rushing yards and 132 points.

Ramik Wilson: Wilson had one tackle for the Rams.

Injured Reserve:

Tyler Catalina (Redskins): Shoulder

Orson Charles (Browns): Ankle

A.J. Green (Bengals): Toe

Isaiah Wynn (Patriots): Achilles tendon

Practice Squads:

Davin Bellamy (Texans)

Reggie Davis (Cowboys)

Garrison Smith (Dolphins)

Maurice Smith (Dolphins)

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Georgia’s Baker Named To Sporting News All-America Team Thu, 13 Dec 2018 13:53:24 +0000 ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia senior defensive back Deandre Baker has been named to the 2018 Sporting News All-America First Team.

Baker, a Miami, Fla., native, became the first Bulldog to win the Paycom Jim Thorpe Award last week for being nation’s best defensive back in college football.  He has also garnered Walter Camp, Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and First Team All-America honors and was named to the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) Second Team. 

Baker becomes the first Georgia All-American from the defensive backfield named to the Sporting News’ First Team since safety Greg Blue in 2005.

A Miami, Fla., native, Baker has started all 13 games for Georgia and has 40 tackles and is tied for the team lead with two interceptions.  He also has a team-best 10 pass break-ups.  In addition, Baker has a forced fumble and has collected a fumble recovery for a defense that ranks 15th nationally allowing just 18.5 points per game.

The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) All-America teams are scheduled to be released on Wednesday.

The No. 5 Bulldogs (11-2) will take on No. 15 Texas (9-4) in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, La., on Jan. 1 at 8:45 p.m. ET.  ESPN will televise the fifth all-time matchup between the programs and the first matchup between the teams since 1984.

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