Georgia Postgame Quotes
Georgia vs. Charleston Southern | Nov. 20, 2021
Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium

Head Coach Kirby Smart
Opening Statement
“Let me open with the seniors, obviously. Today is a day to honor them. One of the coolest atmospheres I’ve ever been a part of in
terms of honoring the seniors. I would also like to mention military appreciation day, the halftime show by the redcoat band, and all
the in‐game recognition as well for the armed forces and all the vets. Just a tremendous honor to be a part of that and what they do
for us in our country. I can’t say enough. We wouldn’t have a chance today to honor our seniors if it wasn’t for the military and the
things they sacrifice and make for us.”

On the Jordan Davis touchdown…
“It was to score. I mean, we’ve been in that package the whole time. Monken (Todd Monken) just came to me and said, he’d been
begging to get the ball and he and Jalen (Jalen Carter) put a lot of work in because they have to go down and go through those plays
with the offense. And then we make them make up for the plays they miss with the defense. So it’s a commitment for them to go
down on offense. Jalen, you know, he wanted to catch a pass so we told him, we would flex him out and let Jordan get the ball. We
worked on ball security this week with him and to be honest, I didn’t think we’d get a chance. It was almost fate that you got the
opportunity because we weren’t going to do it out in the middle of the field. But the opportunity arose, and those offensive coaches
wanted to do it and I thought it was a great idea. I thought he handled it well.”

On game expectations…
“We had a really short message and talked about our book and talked about what we’re writing and what the next chapter would
hold. And I told them, I wanted them to name the next chapter because I didn’t want it to be a boring or monotonous chapter, and
they said send off. And that was the name of the chapter to send these guys off right at least in Sanford Stadium. And I thought they
handled that well. They played to a standard and they gave a lot of guys an opportunity to play you know. If we let the team hang
around and play sloppy, we don’t get to play a lot of players that deserve the right play. You know, there were probably about 10 or
15 walk‐ons that had never played a snap. And some of them have probably taken somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 reps on
our practice fields and they got to play a snap because of the effort of the guys that played our standard.”

#13 Stetson Bennett | Sr. | QB
On handing the ball to Jordan Davis for a touchdown…
“My whole job on that play was just to make sure he gets the ball, make sure he had the right hand up and just let him get in the
endzone. It was pretty cool. Whenever we shifted out, and everybody saw what was going to happen, and the stadium went crazy, I
was like ‘Just get him the ball. Just make sure he doesn’t fumble the ball. Get him the ball.’ Hopefully, nobody took a picture right
when I was handing the ball off, because I’d look pretty small.”

On the mood coming into the game…
“We wish we would have executed a little bit more, but we’ll watch that on film and get our heads right for next week. Today was
about ending the season undefeated at home and honoring the seniors with the pregame. At the end, getting a lot of guys who don’t
play that much time on the field, and that was cool to see.”

#33 Robert Beal, Jr. | Sr. | LB
On the defensive effort today…
“We played a solid game. I feel like we need to go back to the doctor and fix a few things, but overall, we played a good game.”

On what Senior Day means to him…
“It actually meant a lot to me. This was actually my mother’s first game here at Georgia, because she has been dealing with injuries
and stuff like that. Got a sack in my first start, which is a good feeling.”

Charleston Southern Postgame Quotes
Georgia vs. Charleston Southern | Nov. 20, 2021
Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium
Head Coach Autrey Denson
Opening Statement…
“Man, tough when you are playing the No.1 team in the country. There is no room for error, so we had to play a perfect game, our
best game of the season. Unfortunately, we did not do that in all phases, but man did they compete their tails off. I was proud of
how they came out in the second half facing an uphill battling and just kept playing. Had a lot of young guys play which is very
encouraging. And how about Garris Schwarting being Garris Schwarting right? Find a way to make a play, he will always do that.
Couldn’t be more appreciative to him and those seniors for their contributions to our football team.”

On the significance of today’s game…
“What I told our guy’s ‘this is not the end of anything, it is the continuation of something that we are building.’ We compete to the
glory of God by giving that God honored effort with that God honored attitude. Today was about sowing the seed, the week of a
harvest that we want to reap at some point. Having guys play and guys get game time and guys get invaluable game time against the
No.1 team in the country in this type of environment, we know that these tough lessons will pay off for us later.”

On his team never giving up…
“That is exactly what it is supposed to look like. When you are playing for something bigger than yourself, we like to say, ‘we just like
to win around here so we can brag on Christ.’ So, when you are saying that you are ‘going to compete to the glory of God,’ you
have to give that type of effort. You have to come out and play through your chest, because it is so much bigger than you. Just hats
off to those guys, they never gave up, they kept playing. It was an uphill battle, and they fought every step of the way.”

On the message in the locker‐room postgame…
“We want to applaud those seniors. You start talking about 2019 all the things we have endured, all the adversity. More importantly
man, the character of those seniors. Having had the adversity that they have had from a coaching change, they had no reason to
believe in us and all they did was buy into who we are as a football ministry the way we asked them to do it. First and foremost was
to give those guys their due and their respect. And then make sure that they have left this thing in really good hands. We are going
to go on Thanksgiving break, and we will come back and be ready to work. Work with a mindset that it is not the end of anything but
that we are building towards something special that we know that God is building here with our CSU football ministry.”