27 Chubb3.114Georgia #27 Nick Chubb Running Back

Four months ago, could you have envisioned your freshman year going like this?
Coming in with all of these great running backs, like Coach said, we shared the load. All five of us get the ball so I take advantage of all opportunities. I had a great season, but it has to do with the whole team. The offensive linemen blocking up front, great linemen and great play calling.

When you hear the number 266 yards rushing in a game, what’s your reaction?
I’m very excited, but it wouldn’t be capable without the rest of the team blocking and pushing and everyone doing their job. I’ve done a lot in high school, but it’s a whole different animal up here. I’m very happy.

You had 33 carries tonight. Have you been tired at all this season?
Yeah, I’m not going to let y’all know that though. I’m tired a lot during the game. That last touchdown I was very tired, but it was my time. I got in there and with the good blocking up front, I got in there. You know, if you score, you get off the field.

You know that there’s only one running back that has run for more yards in a game – Hershel Walker. How do you feel about that?
It’s a blessing being in the same sentence with him. He’s a great running back. Like I said, it’s the awesome line up front blocking for me and making everything possible. I’m just so thankful for everything and everyone around me and it’s been a great season.

You made an 82-yard run off the goal line. Did you think you were going all the way?
It was a lead play and yeah, I thought I was going to play, but the player had a good angle on me and he didn’t give up.

How has Todd Gurley helped you this year?
Todd’s amazing. He’s a very good leader. He keeps motivating me and he’s been there for me. He’s a great person on the field, as you know, and off the field, he’s an even better person. I’m just blessed to have him in my life.