Notes and observations from practice on Wednesday:

– Jeff Foxworthy was in attendance watching UGA’s practice.

– Running backs Branson Robinson (ruptured patellar tendon), Kendall Milton (hamstring), and Daijun Edwards (MCL sprain) were non-participants in practice

– Andrew Paul was the first running back to go through drills, followed by Cash Jones and Roderick Robinson

– Ladd McConkey was not at practice today

– Carson Beck threw a really good deep ball over the shoulder to Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint about 35 yards downfield. Rosemy-Jacksaint made a nice adjustment mid stride and hauled it in.

– Wide receivers were catching balls from quarterbacks and immediately met by contact with pads from coaches so they could simulate getting tackled/stripped.

– Outside linebackers were doing a drill where the came off the edge and tackled a dummy

– Defensive lineman were doing drill work with line dummies and getting contacted with pads from the sides to try and push them off balance when they hand strike.

– Kirby Smart tried to light a fire under their asses while walking past the D-line doing their drill saying: “That #4 is hell man. He’s been kicking every man we got’s ass.” He’s referring to sophomore tight end Oscar Delp.

– Zion Logue went first during defensive line drills followed by Tramel Walthour, Mykel Williams, Warren Brinson, then Jordan Hall.

– Nazir Stackhouse stood on the side during drills getting his left hand taped.

– Smael Mondon and Kamari Lassiter were both wearing black jerseys signaling that they were not going to participate contact drills/scrimmages.

– ILB drills started with Jamon Dumas-Johnson, then Jalon Walker and Xavian Sorey.

– True freshman WR Tyler Williams stood taller than the rest of the receiver group. He did drop the pass in the rep that I saw.

– True freshman OLB Samuel M’Pemba looked like a bigger, prototypical athlete among the outside linebacker group