As part of the recognition of the 150th anniversary of college football, the SEC is launching a social media project during the 2019 football season to recognize 150 of the greatest games and moments in the history of the 14 institutions of the SEC.

Each of the SEC’s 14 members have submitted to the Conference Office 10 great games or moments, and the SEC has added 10 conference-wide highlights to produce a total of 150 great moments to be celebrated throughout the 2019 football season.

Because the project is in recognition of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of college football, the great moments will include highlights that took place prior to the SEC Era and will also include highlights for the non-SEC Era of schools who joined the conference via expansion.

The daily series will be rolled out chronologically during the season, beginning Monday, August 19 with two games from the 1909 season, 23 years before the SEC began competition as a conference.

Week 1: 1909-1931

Week 2: 1932-1951

Week 3: 1951-1959