QB Jake Fromm

 On taking pride in the SEC dominating in other games: “It says a lot about our conference – how strong our conference is and the competition level. We pride ourselves, week in and week out, that is a really strong conference. I think it says a lot about our conference.”

On the Baylor defensive line: “They play relentless. Those guys just keep coming. They are really good football players. They play relentless, and they play for four quarters. They always keep coming. They have really high motors, and they are going to just play tough.”

On the toll the season has taken on him: “It is a football season. Football seasons are always tough. There are a lot of highs and lows in a football season. But you love football, love this team, love this University, and I could not ask to be in a better spot.”


OL Solomon Kindley

On what he is looking forward to most about the Sugar Bowl: “My favorite part of the Sugar Bowl is how players that have not played much this year are getting the chance to step up. We get to see how they will respond to the situation. I know they will respond because of our next man up mentality.”

On the Baylor defensive line: “They are very good. They are fast off the ball. I think they are the strength of their defense. If we can stop them, then we will be just fine.”

On how much Jake Fromm has taken on: “Jake could have a good game or a bad game, he is going to come into that meeting the next day with a positive attitude. If we did not have Jake on this team, there would be a lot of other things people could talk about. He is the gel and glue that holds this team together. I really appreciate him.”

On making an adjustment with players out on the offensive line: “Our motto is next man up. All the guys that are stepping up are ready to be here.”


TB D’Andre Swift

On his health and how much he will play: “I’m practicing. I have been at the institute doing treatment. I’m going to play it by ear the next couple of days. It is a day-by-day thing.”

On the frustration of not being 100%: “It is really frustrating. I love the game of football, love being around my brothers, around the team. So, just not being out there [on the field] with my best foot forward is definitely frustrating. I’m doing everything I can to do that [be with the team]. I’m definitely trying to play in this game [Sugar Bowl].”

On assessing the offense against Baylor’s defense: “I think we have been the most focused we have been. Since the season started everybody has bought in to what the coaches are saying. We are going to be out there and hustling this game. Everybody wants to play fast and just have fun out there [on the field].”


TE Charlie Woerner

 On the differences between the team now and at the start of the season: “It is weird losing a lot of guys. A lot of guys are either injured or not playing. We are still Georgia. We are still a team. It is still a lot of the same dudes that we have grinded with since winter workouts and through the summer. It is a lot of guys that I know are really good players and really good guys. I’m super excited to go into this game playing with these men.”

 On getting ready for Baylor following the SEC Championship loss: “I feel like we were right there this year, trying to beat LSU in the SEC championship. This team has worked so hard, and we are really excited to be here at the Sugar Bowl. Coach Smart has done a great job with practices. This team has really bought in.”

 On Baylor’s defense: “That defense is definitely something we have not faced yet. That is not an SEC type of defense with that three-three stack type of defense that they do. That is a really good defense. Their coach has done a really good job turning the program around. They are a really good football team, and they are going to be fun to play against.”


PK Rodrigo Blankenship

 On how he has grown and improved as a kicker: “I think that Coach (Kevin) Butler has helped not only me, but all the specialists that he’s been able to work with here, with the mental game. He has played on the biggest stages you could possibly imagine at every level. He has played in big time games with Georgia and in the Super Bowl in his rookie season with the Bears. He has been there and done that, so there is not a question he cannot answer in a big time game or how you handle things, how you process things during the game. He has really helped me to work on my post-kick process, learning about how to evaluate yourself more objectively and not beat yourself up so much because you are going to get more opportunities later in the game. You might have to go right back out there on the field 30 seconds later because your defense gets a pick six and you have to get back out there for an extra point and another kick off. He has really helped me and all of our specialists with our mental preparation, and I think that is been huge for our success in recent years.”

On making the kick with the game on the line against Notre Dame: “I think that if I missed that kick, thankfully that wasn’t the case, Coach Smart would have had me wait until after a win to announce [my scholarship] to the team. But I think back to that game, think back to missing a field goal in the first half that no one remembers. I remember it because it was a spot on my performance in that game where I could have done better, could have helped our team more. I was grateful I was given another opportunity to go back out and bounce back so it was fortunate it worked out that way.”